Anton Opgenoort

What others say about our Mission Critical Cloud

I am Chuck Norris and I approve this message
We have built our Mission Critical Cloud (MCC) first and foremost as a trustworthy, secured, and extremely reliable IaaS environment for our customer’s needs. A true  IaaS building block, as part of our foundational services for mission critical outsourcing challenges.   Cloud Spectator is comparing us more at the technical level with AWS and Azure. The results of the past 6 months are a nice ‘cherry on the pie’; our hard work to combine the best... read more >

Cloud security considerations

There are many concerns these days on security when taking services from cloud providers. All the areas where Schuberg Philis is actively being audited on, are area's of concerns for IT managers.

How do I know my cloud service is being hacked and abused if it is not running inside my datacenter? What possibilities do I have to check if my employees are acting along the lines of my Acceptable Use policy? Where are the logs of that abuse, and how can I trust the... read more >