About Cupfighter

Cupfighter.net is the central place at Schuberg Philis for engineers to share and share back stories and observations. You will get direct access to some of the great stuff that has been developed by our team.

Some of the stories invite you to have a look behind the scenes and think along with us. At times we share unfinished thoughts, hoping that you will share your thoughts with us.

Finally, what about the name of this blog? Cupfighter describes the general attitude to work here. This is a bit more than just going through the motions and earning your salary. It is about doing the best you can and making sure it gets done on time and to the sort of standards we pride ourselves on. Still don’t quite get it? Check this video!

We are often asked what we mean by ‘cupfighter’. As you can see from the video, it’s not a singular answer. At the same time, we all share the same feeling when it comes to this subject. To begin with, Cupfighters want to be the best at what they do. Many of us, didn’t get the chance to give their best at previous jobs, due to organisational restrictions and barriers. We all want to act on the same high level, which leads to quick common understanding and high output. Our shared 100% commitment has resulted in a company culture and natural attitude to solve an issue first with all means possible. When the shit hits the fan, our people are ready to help instantly and gladly. Immediately afterwards, through fact based analysis, we find the root-cause and plan and execute fixing the problem structurally.

This mind-set frees up time and energy, to diagnose and solve problems productively, instead of figuring out who is at fault or who is to blame. Moreover, it prevents partners from defensively withholding information from each other, for fear that it might be used as evidence of incompetence or poor performance. Experience has taught us, that we are capable of building high-trust relationships with all parties involved. This results in highly satisfied long-term customers relying on Schuberg Philis for services above and beyond our initial engagements.