Matthijs Wijers about AD Snapshots

Practical exploration of Chef and Microsoft PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)

When exploring the usability of Chef with Microsoft PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) resources, there are specific options available. Each option having many possibilities but also some limitations.

This exploration touches on some of these limitations which will help in deciding which option works best for you. This article provides a step-by-step or "hands on" working example. read more >

CCCEU from a distance

Schuberg Philis has quite the presence at the cloudstack collaboration conference this week! Here's some highlights. It's rather quiet at the office this week. You see, my team does a lot of work with and for apache cloudstack, and this is the week of the CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe (#ccceu14), where a lot of my colleagues are attending and/or presenting. read more >

Shared Thoughts DevOps Enterprise Summit #DOES14 21-22-23 October 2014 San Francisco

3 days and counting down to a "License to kill your darlings", my Dutch Pilotage talk at #DOES14 is set on October 22nd. Very excited to be at this awesome conference and to get invited by Gene Kim for a typical Dutch DevOps journey. There still is some time to burn, so let’s start with dropping by at the San Francisco Bar Pilots on Monday to get some US pilotage business context. Overwhelmed by their warm welcome and passion for the Bay area. This week is going to be very special. read more >