Schuberg Philis hosts CAcert Assurer Training Event Amsterdam

Much has happened during the past year. A list of up till now mostly transmitted rules have been cast in policies. New procedures (e.g. the Assurer Challenge) and obligations (e.g. in the CAcert Community Agreement) have been decided. The Assurer Training Events try to bring all this informations to “the peopleâ€:
- To what, does the CCA protect every CAcert-Community-Member and as such also you?
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VMware apologies for the Hyper-V crashes video


When we look at the competition in the IT industry there’s nothing that beats the marketing guerrilla we are experiencing in the virtualization space.

This is perfectly understandable considering that the vendor in control of the hypervisor is able to influence and in many ways able to control all the other companies that provide other pieces of the computing stack.
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ILM 2007 FP1 & MS Identity Management Jungle

Rebranding products is hip!  So a small post to explain the real products behind ILM 2007 FP1, what they do and some links to more in depth info.

ILM 2007 Feature Pack 1 is actually a suite of two products, an updated version of Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) and Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM), previously idNexus which Microsoft obtained after acquiring Alacris.

MIIS is probably most famous as a tool to assist in Cross-Forest Exchange topologies (two separate read more >

VMWare ESX Timekeeping and Active Directory

Some nice articles which explain timekeeping on vmware and how to virtualize Active Directory safely on VMWare time wise.

Time synchronisation on Active Directory is particularly important because of Kerberos, if clocks are more then 5 minutes (Default value) out of sync from the Domain Controller authentication fails. NTP is your friend here.
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