What others say about our Mission Critical Cloud

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We have built our Mission Critical Cloud (MCC) first and foremost as a trustworthy, secured, and extremely reliable IaaS environment for our customer’s needs. A true  IaaS building block, as part of our foundational services for mission critical outsourcing challenges.

Cloud Spectator is comparing us more at the technical level with AWS and Azure. The results of the past 6 months are a nice ‘cherry on the pie’; our hard work to combine the best hardware, software, Cosmic cloud orchestration (our fork of Apache CloudStack), and deeply integrated software defined networking controls have resulted in an interesting conclusion:


“Results from this study show that, Schuberg Philis VMs displayed strong overall performance. Schuberg Philis VMs demonstrated high performance for processing, memory bandwidth, storage and internal network. Its network-attached storage produced the largest amount of maximum IOPS observed in the study for read/write operations. Internal network throughput levels exceeded those of AWS and Azure by magnitudes of 3x and more.”

Want proof? Here is the full report.


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