Cosmic 5.1 released!

Cosmic 5.1 is our next major step towards a rock solid Mission Critical Cloud platform. New features for you to use, but most of all lots of improvements under the hood.

Let us show you around.. 

Less is more: 500K Lines of Code deleted

When CloudStack was forked to Cosmic on January 20th 2016, we imported 1.539.107 Lines of Code. Java, Python, Bash, JavaScript: you name it and it is in there. We did a huge cleanup and deleted lots of things that were unused, not testable, broken, abandoned or simply brought in zero value. Cosmic 5.1 contains 1.061.497 Lines of Code. 

Test coverage went up, technical debt went down

On March 25th SonarQube started monitoring. Since then about 250 days of technical debt was cleared. Leaving about 1.000 days to do. At the same time, overall line coverage (unit tests + integration tests) went up to 35%. As this obviously isn't close to 100% yet, we've quite a road ahead. 
Heading in the right direction!

Let's make Jar, not War!

One of the huge improvements of NL2 was that we went from classic RPM installs to War drops in Tomcat. That allowed us to go way faster. Cosmic 5.1 runs on Java 8 and Spring 4. That means we're now ready to make the next leap: Spring Boot. Upcoming versions of Cosmic will leverage those new possibilities. We'll go from wars to jars.

Go build, Jenkins

42b4df03-ea02-4961-afc6-218fa0cebbdd.pngOn any Pull Request a full integration run is executed. This makes it immediately clear when something breaks. After a change is merged the tests are run again to verify they still all pass. Over time we improved the tests in a way that we can rely on them.

a279f214-fa2e-43a8-8a34-b976838548ff.pngA full test run took about 8-9 hours, which has been reduced to about 4 hours. This too helps in going faster.

Flexible Static Routes

Cosmic 5.1 supports static routes on the VPC level. This means freedom to set the routes you need for your network setup. Many use cases, for example Docker and Kubernetes, as setting static routes to the CIDR they use internally, prevents making complex setups like overlay-in-overlay networking. 

Built-in inter-VPC routing

Thanks to the combination of private gateways and the new flexible static routes, you can setup routes from one VPC to the other via the API, without the need to manually add a router.

VPC without a public ip

Useful (and more secure) when you connect VPCs via private gateways and provide internet access in some other way. Be it a virtual network device, a physical device or even another VPC. 

Bridge-mode VPC

For a customer that went live recently we've built virtual ASAs for network firewalling and routing. That requires a VPC that only has DHCP / DNS / VPN services, and not the gateway service (which it used to have by default). Cosmic 5.1 supports VPCs that can operate in bridge mode. Where you specify an existing gateway and that will simply be served over DHCP to clients.

Lots of new possibilities with VPCs! 

And there's more...

  • You can now see (as non-root) on which hypervisor your VM is running 
  • Switching of service offerings is made more flexible
  • Several improvements to the KVM hypervisor

Full CHANGELOG of what changed since


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