Shared Thoughts DevOps Enterprise Summit #DOES14 21-22-23 October 2014 San Francisco

3 days and counting down to a "License to kill your darlings", my Dutch Pilotage talk at #DOES14 is set on October 22nd. Very excited to be at this awesome conference and to get invited by Gene Kim for a typical Dutch DevOps journey. There still is some time to burn, so let’s start with dropping by at the San Francisco Bar Pilots on Monday to get some US pilotage business context. Overwhelmed by their warm welcome and passion for the Bay area. This event is going to be very special, and I am feeling privileged to be here with them.
It’s the week of the DevOps Enterprise Summit in the heart of IT. Very valuable to see what's going on in the US Enterprise market, compared to Europe. US people seem very enthusiastic: it’s their first summit on this scale (600, sold out). People from all parts of the world (mostly US) together...Gene Kim his dream on community building. This conference feels like the start of a journey. Once started there is no way back. Let’s go viral! Would be awesome to have this conference in Europe as well. Definitely need to catch up with my mateys back home, and bring the IT revolution to Europe.
To be honest, I am impressed with the depth that some of the Enterprises have adopted DevOps values.  If this conference accomplished anything, it is making a bold statement that DevOps is in the Enterprise! Dominant are the topics of culture and the process of transforming the organization. These days make clear that DevOps isn't just for unicorns anymore. DevOps revolutionizes the way IT is done cross industries. Similar to Toyota TPS revolutionized manufacturing. Can we have a lean bureaucracy? What about compliancy and DevOps? What ‘DevOps controls’ do you use in order to comply?
So, no more blind flying the Enterprise! Software should be transformative and leave a nice world to live in. Think of it from the children-point-of view. “Hey, what’s your dad or mum doing for a job?” DevOps plays a role building up the ‘needed’ IT practice in the Enterprise. Beware of the ‘wanted’ practices…they might be expired!
Final thoughts…
Strangely, IT outsourcing companies are not seen as 'change agents'. I would say that leaves a golden opportunity. The journey (“License to kill your darlings” talk) I share, demonstrates it helps to have an alliance of agile devs and ops that work inside-out: Starting at the business critical processes, build up the cadence and synchronization from inside-out. This is natural if you think of it as an organism. The body is feeling tense, whatever you try. For years you lived the Enterprise under the impression of certainty and control, and now you hit expiration date. You feel it, now the process of admitting it and transform to a more happy state of mind. Looking at all the tweets #DOES14, I’m pretty sure this conference makes a great contribution to it. I love the tweet:"There was a line in the ladies room at #DOES14. Strangely this makes me happy". It says it all.
From now on focus on transformative software and unleash the value for the Enterprise. “How willing are you to share and listen? The being of DevOps”. Great line on day 3 from Patrick Debois.
Ow, I can hear you think and how about your talk . Goes without saying sharing my story @ #DOES14 was awesome. Still feeling privileged that I, Dutchie, shared my story with all the people. It feels like a bit of a blur to have spoken among so many peers. I will share the details in the next post.
Below a couple of DevOps echo's from the Bay area that keep on resonating. Will create a #DOES14  ‘thought’  list, more or less prioritized for me. Feedback is love, shorten the feedback loop! Can’t wait for your feedback.
So what did I take away from the conference?
1    Software will make the difference. Software HAS eaten the world. Every business is a software business: embrace or die! Are you adapting quickly enough? DevOps isn't IT. It’s the practice of IT...There is a right way to develop reliable software, and DevOps is it. Time does not make software more reliable.
2    To start with (keep it simple)… measuring the impact of software by measuring the sum of (number of Defects x severity).
3    …and not to send notes around but rather use a blog to document all release changes.
4    If you believe in certainty and control, a DevOps journey might feel a bit uncomfortable.
5    Even if you don't get to continuous deployment, every automation step lead you to a better place than you were before.
6    Define the 'pace' of your applications. Do you want to have it been deployed every day? Great way to treat the legacy zone. Define fast/slow areas for legacy. However, kill dependencies at all cost!
7    THE key to bootstrap devops is 'Executive buy in'
8    A software framework as governance for software innovation with software vendors. A coalition of the willing - community - a shared experience.
9    You got to pick technology (and platforms) that transform. If you want more speed, find a faster horse....No, no, design an automobile!!
10    On average a two year program to transform.
11    Feedback is love...shorten the feedback loop! “your next bottleneck is test automation”
12    It’s not about the speed of delivery, it’s about the speed of the feedback loop.
13    'Shortening the feedback loop' is way to transform culture
14    If you cannot automate your test cycle...that will be your next bottleneck
15    If you don't have cadence and synchronization, nature will do it for you
16    Systems are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations.
17    Inverse Taylor maneuver to break structure and boost learning. Build multi-functional teams
18    Change the structure of teams to get the architecture you want
19    Community building...need social lubricant for it
20    Change the structure of teams to get the architecture you want
21    Join the rebellion! Use your company (the cool stuff) as a tool to drive culture.
22    DevOps Change leader...accused of being "hippie who just wanted to hang out with unicorns" :-)
23    Ops engineering is about allowing you to maintain your velocity while improving your quality.
24    DevOps in essence: Aligning incentives and shifting to a blameless culture
25    The future is not a destination or goal, it’s a direction.
26    ISD team "Infrastructure Software Development". Nice way to address 'Integration role'
27    Quality Engineering. To improve the production process AND the output
28    Design a system that assumes failure
29    How to get Devs on board? Empathy, pride in service (carrot), no flying blind, find their pain and fix it (other tools)
30    Ops are excited about someone else is going to have pagers. #devops
31    If you are building a culture of quality, then you are adopting DevOps principles. Who are the champions on quality?
32    Start on business objectives when bootstrapping devops
33    Deep thought: devops is a grassroots movement by people who want to do a better job. 
34    Architect your test automation
35    Deal with the fact you're a horse and not a unicorn. What are the considerations for horses? How do you deal with a tightly coupled architecture? Service virtualization as glue between legacy environments (Macy). Reality is often NOT a sexy Java based service architecture.
36    Finding the offending code! Great metric.
37    To maximize the speed of innovation, you need to decentralize innovation.
38    Sys Admin to server ratio...1 to 10000. In the old days 1 to 100. 
39    DevOps..shortening the gap. Shorten developer access to compute resources
40    Software HAS eaten our world
41    Consumable Composable Infrastructure.
42    Datacenter evolution: Bare metal, Virtualization, IAAS, PAAS, Containers. 500ms deployment of containers.
43    Let netops have fun too! Go find the network people
44    We're locally brilliant, however globally stupid". That's what SysAdmin is about
45    Let the tools create reality
46    Be the Automator - not the Automated
47    Hire 'Curiousity'. The main thing you need in order to transform
48    If you have the word "Administrator" in your title? You are in a dying job
49    You have geeks...they like change. You have geek imposters...they dislike change
50    30,000 hosts receiving deploys simultaneously
51    DevOps isn't IT. It’s the practice of IT...
52    DevOps has impact on the bottom line..Big impact on horses
53    If you can't automate it, it’s not being done consistently by definition
54    The jerk paradox.The biggest jerks have most of the time the best clue where the company has to go. Move from competent jerk to loveable star.
55    Hahahaha...I rather have a hole my organization, than an asshole :-)
56    Another haha..."how to freak everyone out; audit is painful, so... do it more frequently."
57    Embed devs and ops into your business
58    Focus in the enterprise market on continuous delivery. Continuous deployment might be difficult in legacy environments.
59    A consensus based enterprise...think about the pace of change when you plan a transformation...might feel slow
60    Three waves of transformation. First, the reduction of technical debt and other waste to gain trustworthy transparency. Second, the increase in flow/speed of customer value. Third, shortening of the feedback loop...shortening cycle time for continuous improvement.
61    Biggest corporate impediment: To encourage innovation and risk
62    Conways law, think about it...organizations which design systems are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations.
63    Cobol still responsible for > 70% world's business transactions.
64    Unleash value...invest in removing technical debt
65    DevOps...over communicate your plan
66    How to bring risk management and security in...offer them a front row spot in the process
67    Assign a product owner for compliance
68    Creating DevOps, you need a Alliance and Appearance...again Executive Buy In. Beware chasm
69    Nice transformation term "ecosystem drag". Examples. We have ITIL to protect us. We have service management to keep us safe. We have ...
70    You have to be super specific on the next goal...and the bigger DevOps picture
71    Can we have a lean bureaucracy? A lot of the existing structures are built on doing the right thing....out of fear, low trust, lack of integrity, ...Can we take this low trust environment and find lean practices to meet the needs, imposed by all of us? It turns out that DevOps maps on 'doing the right thing' with more positive drivers: metrics, resilience, compliance, cost efficient, reducing waste/sustainability, transparency....all needs loved by the same government.
72    Nice was the 'decentralizing decision making' story. We don't track small expenses or time spent. That is culture.
73    DevOps as the red tape removal crew
74    DevOps is top IT search term for operations management
75    No single entry point to start on DevOps. All aspects are N-N related
76    Devops....there is no going backwards.
77    Your CEO will judge CIO on innovation metrics in the next years
78    Why projects fail...35% business driven. Lack of ownership and changing priorities. IT can impact 65%.
79    Continuous Delivery -CD- is the new agile, automation IS acceleration
80    A shared continuous delivery service throughout the organization
81    Shared CD service in a company to optimize cycle time, reduce costs, power usage and increase quality
82    Are we ready giving the release back to the business? What is ready-ready?
83    Continuous Delivery -CD- for revenue growth. Faster software delivery, higher quality, less people.
84    CD adoption blockers: time and culture. Tools are not seen as blocking. the tools are there.
85    Measure the amount of company production delivered by agile teams vs traditional team. Agility or nice devops ratio :-)
86    CD is survival of the fittest..what’s your CD Fitness model?
87    Test Driven Development...what about 'Behavior' Driven Development. Quite big in the London DevOps community.
88    The wrong structure can enforce the wrong behavior
89    Build a software factory. Nobody else would build any other complex product with so many adhoc processes. There is lots of repetition. Similar to manufacturing.
90    Delivering DevOps...Picture the concerns on Exec-, Dev-, Ops-, Project Management levels.
91    Docker...transformative technology, and that's why it matters. Behavioral Driven Design
92    DevOps...transforms inside out
93    Nothing scales better than technical debt ;-) Don't ship features no one uses
94    Build quality!! Stop inspecting quality
95    People blamed "lack of business engagement" vs. "bad Agile implementation"; neither! suspected lack of auto testing
96    On average developers burn 10 hours a week on waiting for testing, ops, etc. Testers even worse, they burn 18 hours a week on waiting.
97    If the hurts do it more...deployments should be boring
98    Root cause downtime: Human Error 40%. Bad housekeeping/maintenance the other 60%
99    It DOES make sense to have DevOps and CD for embedded software.
100    Impediment! "I had Dev and Test, but not Ops, which was outsourced"
101    What's your automate 'haka'?
102    Reconsider! DevOps is more than Dev and Ops...
103    The git champions were the key" for fast recovery.
104    Based on priorities, execs would also assign % of cycles towards tech debt reduction; led to groomed backlog
105    How many have heard "testing didn't find the issue?
106    NASA doesn't launch a rocket without milions of sensors..take the same care with software
107    Don't get dependent on the inverse test cycle...80% UI testing. Come on!
108    Manage system state (full stack contained) instead of component state.
109    Checks/monitoring to test your automation
110    flash build = flash mob + scrum + hackathon for High Energy
111    Use PULL to get ops insights "what’s going on the platform?"
112    Software innovation: How do you go from ready-ready to done-done?
113    Don't 'layer' feature / automation sprawl. Integrate it.
114    Think of DevOps as buying a pair of shrink-to-fit 501 jeans, meaning you have to account for shrinkage of the organization...
115    Every mechanical engineer thinks they're a software engineer because they wrote a macro in matlab once
116    I'm not a unicorn, definitely not a horse...I'm a pony
117    We are a horse, but through the art of #DevOps we are a better horse.


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