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Lately I have been looking a lot into the risks and security aspects of cloud service. And to be honest, from a security perspective, cloud is not that new. Most of the risks associated with cloud services are actually exactly the same as those related to outsourcing, a subject I’m obviously quite familiar with. In that respect, the Free Software Foundation Europe ( is quite right.   Yet, saying that Cloud is just the same as outsourcing would not... read more >

Monkey see, monkey patch…

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Every now and then there is major new in the world of cryptography, or in this case the world of breaking cryptography. This month a team from CWI (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica) and Google announced that they have created a practical attack, called SHAttered, on the SHA-1 hashing algorithm. What is SHA-1? SHA-1 stands for Secure Hashing Algorithm – 1. As the name suggests it is a hashing algorithm. A hashing algorithm can be used to... read more >


Since I’m a fourthly something Dutch guy, the first word processor I started to use after the typewriter was Word Perfect. This is the Word Processor I used in school and wrote my graduate thesis on. One of the “features” of word perfect was, what the Dutch called, the underwater screen. The underwater screen, allowed a user to actually see what special characters Word Perfect was using as an internal representation of the document as it would be formatted... read more >

Information Security: Going full Triangle

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Everybody who ever did a formal information security training or searched for information security on Wikipedia[1] is familiar with the information security triangle. The theory of this triangle is that information security is about protecting information against threats to its Confidentiality, Integrity or Availability (often abbreviated with CIA).   Early information security One of the earliest and most famous examples for applied information security is... read more >

Crime, ransomware and defense

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“I rob banks because that is where the money is”, is a famous quote attributed to (in)famous bank robber Willie Sutton[1]. It is also known as Sutton’s Law. Suttons law still holds true for many things, including modern (cyber)crime. If you want to earn money from your crimes, focus on what people value most.   Ransomware is an example of just this. Criminals target what is most valuable to organisations and individuals, their data or memories.   The... read more >

Mission Critical Kubernetes

Do you think it is possible to utilise Kubernetes to deliver an enterprise mission critical system with 100% functional uptime; including high availability, monitoring, multi cloud, multi tenancy, lifecycle management, testing and more? The short answer = It can be done. Our colleagues Michael Russell and Andy Repton were invited at Cloud Native Con to share the story of their Kubernetes-journey, including all their challenges and solutions. Enjoy the video! read more >

Phish Bait - The discovery of a massive multi-bank Phishing as a Service platform

A CC ND image by Bankenverband - Bundesverband deutscher Banken
On the 26th of October 2016 the Schuberg Philis CSIRT team received three alerts that started an investigation. During this investigation we discovered an early version of a online phishing site containing over 1200 online banking URLs with matching strings for failed login, please wait and site unavailable. In this story the technical details of the site and the investigation. read more >

What others say about our Mission Critical Cloud

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We have built our Mission Critical Cloud (MCC) first and foremost as a trustworthy, secured, and extremely reliable IaaS environment for our customer’s needs. A true  IaaS building block, as part of our foundational services for mission critical outsourcing challenges.   Cloud Spectator is comparing us more at the technical level with AWS and Azure. The results of the past 6 months are a nice ‘cherry on the pie’; our hard work to combine the best... read more >